Tanya Broquet

Tanya Broquet
I’ve always been active and love the great outdoors. I spent my youth hiking, running, swimming, cycling and riding horses. However, by the time I was at university my active lifestyle had started to take its toll. I had bouts of serious and debilitating back pain. Later, while working in an office, the pain was really starting to affect my quality of life. I found it hard to do all the activities I loved so much, and spending long hours at the computer was really uncomfortable.

I sought the help of my doctor, and had the good fortune to be referred to an orthopaedic surgeon who was also a complementary therapist. This wonderful doctor used acupuncture, osteopathy and gave me some advice about posture to ease my pain. By working on my posture and continuing with various complementary therapies and yoga I avoided risky and invasive surgery. In addition, the whole experience ignited my curiosity to learn more about anatomy, physiology and body mechanics.

I retrained as a massage therapist to know my body better and to be able to help others in discomfort. It’s been quite a journey, and my studies have taken me around the UK as well as further afield to Thailand and India.

In 2006 I specialized in Thai massage. I’ve studied with highly respected teachers in Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand. I return to Thailand from time to time to refresh and improve my massage skills … and to do a bit of diving in the Andaman Sea while I’m over there.

In addition to Thai massage, I also love Western massage techniques. They’re perfect to offer a moment of respite to those who work hard and play hard.

I’ve worked with so many different people during my career, ranging from teenagers to seniors. Most of my clients are between 30 and 50 years old. Some come to relieve work stress, or improve their sports performance and recovery. I massage desk jockeys, weekend warriors, new mums, manual laborers and those who just want to chill out.

I’m a member of the Traditional Thai Yoga Massage Association (TTYMA) and the French Federation of Traditional Relaxation Massage (FFMTR).

I continue to study regularly to improve my skills and learn new methods. I’m fully insured and respect professional ethics. English is my mother tongue, but I also get by in French. Fortunately for me, you don’t have to speak perfectly to give a good massage!

Qualifications and training


ITEC Diploma – Anatomy, Physiology and Massage (Swedish and Holistic Massage)

TTYMA Diploma – Thai Yoga Massage

VCTC Diploma – Indian Head Massage

Diploma – Pregnancy Massage

Diploma – Hot and Cold Stone Therapy

Diploma – Advanced and Deep Tissue Massage

Diploma – Traditional Thai Foot Massage

Certificate – LavaShells Massage

Certificate – Traditional Thai Yoga Massage – Relaxation

Certificate – Traditional Thai Yoga Massage – Advanced Techniques

Certificate – Traditional Thai Yoga Massage – Fieldwork

Certificate – Traditional Thai Yoga Massage – Western Therapeutics

Certificate – Dynamic Thai Massage (Osteo-Thai)

Certificate – Nerve Touch Traditional Thai Healing Massage with Medicinal Herb Pack Preparation

Certificate – Diagnosis and Treatment of the Neck and Thorax

Certificate – Diagnosis and Treatment of the Lumbar Vertebral Column

Therapeutic massage training with Ajarn Sinchai Sukparset (Master of Thai massage at Lersin Hospital Blind School in Bangkok)

Introduction to Reiki – Level I and II