Multiple types of massage

Thérèse Steen, France (Google)

Tanya is an outstanding professional. Her training and knowledge allow her to listen to our needs. She responds with accuracy and her interpersonal skills are such that we want to come back for more. Thank you, Tanya.

As always, it is a pleasure to come for a massage. Our bodies thank us for this wonderful attention. Thanks Tanya!

Sophie Barahana, France (Facebook and Tripadvisor, “Sophie B”)

A moment of pure relaxation. I had a really lovely and relaxing time, in a great setting and a more than pleasant room, and an outstanding massage practitioner. Someone with kindness and hands of gold. Techniques that brought something extra to the massage. Gentle and effective. Thank you for this moment of relaxation. Of course, I recommend it. 


Second massage for me: lava shells ... it's just awesome. Always so effective and enjoyable in the hands of Tanya. I highly recommend.

Thank you for this fabulous massage, it was perfect ... total disconnection. And a good night's sleep.

With my eyes closed I’d recommend her, a remarkable kindness and a brilliant technique that feels good. Good sleep afterwards. We make an appointment as soon as we come on vacation. She’s the best.


A complete letting go. 2-hour deep tissue massage in the hands of a magician. If you want to spend a moment of happiness and total relaxation then don't hesitate to book. It's with Tanya that you'll spend that moment of pure relaxation. Incredibly kind, Tanya really listens to her customers. A clean and very pleasant space that will put you in the right mood. This is my 4th massage and when the massage ends I want more. A guaranteed release. A thousand thanks to Tanya for her little moment of escape. See you soon for the 5th massage.

Steve Mason, United Kingdom (Google and Tripadvisor “333stevem333”)

I have been lucky enough to have known Tanya for over 10 years. During that time, I’ve experienced many of her wonderful massages. She is highly skilled, qualified and knowledgeable and I always leave feeling so much more relaxed. As a professional masseur myself, I find that doing a physical job can be quite hard on my body. I am also very particular about who I will see for a massage! Tanya’s massage, regardless of whether it is Thai, hot stones or an oil massage really helps to relax my tired and aching muscles and keeps me in tip-top condition. Added to that, I would say that she gives a massage which is excellent value for money. I thoroughly recommend her.

Lori Durand, France (Facebook and Tripadvisor “696lorid”)

It was a perfect day for a hot stone massage. It was chilly outside; I felt like I needed something warm and that’s exactly what I found. I laid down on a comfortable heated massage table in a clean, harmoniously decorated massage room with mountain views and soft relaxing music. The sore spots in my back, shoulders and neck disappeared thanks to Tanya’s experienced hands and the hot stones. I loved the massage and will be coming back to try the lava shells massage. I totally recommend Hibiscus Massage.

For my second massage at Hibiscus Massage, I decided to go with a Thai massage. It was the perfect remedy for my poor, stiff, tired, old body. Tanya had me lay down fully clothed on a spacious padded mat and proceeded with a massage that seemed like a combo of yoga and stretching without me doing a thing … just relaxing and listening to the gentle stream outside and soft zen music. She caters the intensity of the massage to your needs … asking if you’d like a stronger pressure or lighter pressure. I left the massage feeling relaxed and light-hearted.

My fourth massage at Hibiscus Massage and never disappointed! This time I chose a deep tissue massage … just the thing for my stiff muscles due to working too much on a computer. The sore spots in my back, shoulders and neck disappeared thanks to Tanya’s experienced hands. I loved the massage and will be coming back again for another massage. I highly recommend Hibiscus Massage.


Perfect birthday present. For my birthday, I chose a deep tissue massage for 1.5 hours. My body was craving a massage after MTB falls and slouching over my computer. Tanya's hands did just the trick and got rid of the knots in my back and shoulder blades. What a wonderful relaxing moment! I totally recommend Hibiscus Massage!! Thanks Tanya!

Catherine, “Colo Phane”, France (Google)

My husband and I chose a Thai massage and a deep tissue massage respectively, and we were both pleasantly surprised. Professionalism and skills, these were real massages that were very beneficial. Thank you, Tanya.

Nicaise Barrioz, France (Facebook)

First massage at Hibiscus Massage, what happiness!!! Thank you, Tanya.

What a great feeling to have a massage after an intense week returning to work ... By the way, your massage really relaxed my back, I’m almost out of pain. Thanks, Tanya.

Margit, “daaule”, France (Tripadvisor)

Great massages !! We had a massage of 90 minutes each (my husband and I, one after another). Everything was really perfect; the massage practitioner welcomes you in a beautiful setting with breathtaking views! The place is very clean, the practitioner is really very kind and very professional. She asks you to fill out a small questionnaire to best meet your expectations during the massage. The massages were perfect, we felt very relaxed! A big thank you, we will come back, for sure.

Patrice, “Patou P”, France (Tripadvisor)

Excellent lava shells massage. Tanya is very attentive, a really great time in a nice place.

Deep tissue massage. Second massage (deep tissue) with Tanya and always the same listening and the same wellbeing, I came out really reboosted to resume things quickly.

Christiane Moyère, France (Facebook)

Tanya’s massages are always really good. You emerge from Hibiscus Massage relaxed and looking forward to going back.

Stéphanie, “Steph SV”, France (Tripadvisor and Google)

Top. Beautiful setting and very soothing atmosphere. Tanya is professional, attentive, giving custom-made massages according to your preferences. A moment to absolutely savor, just for you. Thank you, Tanya.

Always a pleasure to be massaged by Tanya. Idyllic setting, professionalism and care from Tanya, all you have to do is relax and enjoy this wonderful moment 🙂 Top!


Pure happiness. Tanya is professional, attentive to our needs, taking care of everything throughout the massage. A real moment of quality for yourself, in an exceptional setting.

Deep tissue massage

Marie, “vidalmichelm”, France (Tripadvisor)

Pure happiness!!! I chose a 1h30 deep tissue massage and I didn't expect to come out so re-boosted, as if I'd recharged my batteries for a long time. Beyond the immediate relaxation, I felt the benefits of in-depth work. Thank you to Tanya for her very personalized care, her wise advice and her human warmth! I can say this is the best massage I have ever had, and I have traveled a lot (Cambodia, Thailand, Mauritius, etc.). I actually got a customized massage, and that's really valuable. I highly recommend it: a serene place in the heart of nature, a true professional at your service, an inspiring and well-kept massage room ... It was just perfect!

Sylvain Isler, Switzerland (Google)

Tanya has a very good touch, with ideal pressure. It's far from a mechanical massage, with skilled body reading. I absolutely recommend it.

Eric, “Climber03859982069”, France (Tripadvisor)

Nirvana. A massage to recover from intense physical efforts that was really effective and so relaxing. In addition, kindness and sumptuous surroundings! Worth the trip to the Ubaye alone.

Eddy, “evan236233”, Belgium (Tripadvisor)

The professionalism, the personalization of the massage as well as the quality of the reception contributes to real relaxation, which is both soothing and energizing.

Kate Kasicki, France (Facebook)

Feeling fantastic the day after the deep tissue massage from Tanya. The massage room is smart and clean as you would hope, with views over the wild mountain valley of the Ubaye. A tranquil and comfortable place to be relaxed and enjoy a massage. Tanya is very knowledgeable, friendly and professional, making the whole experience easy and enjoyable. The massage itself was fantastic. I felt like I was in the hands of an expert who gave nothing but her best, and her warmth and energy went into the job of releasing my tense muscles. Highly recommended.

Judan Magali, France (Google)

Hibiscus Massage is great value for demanding people looking for quality, personalized massage.

Philippe Ebeyer, France (Facebook)

I came across Tanya Broquet by chance. My body was physically restricted after intense work efforts. Her deep tissue massage allowed me to resume my week at work. I highly recommend it.

Claire Auger, France (Facebook)

Wonderful deep tissue massage, deep pressure, just the right amount of strength and softness ... 1h30 of pure happiness. I left feeling lighter; all my neck and back tensions had disappeared ... a big thank you, Tanya!

Debbie Robertson, United States of America (Facebook)

Marvelous massage! Perfect ambiance. A must-do more often... Most definitely recommended.

Elodie, “El Bl”, France (Google)

My partner and I each had 1h30 massages with Tanya. We both opted for a deep tissue massage, and we were more than delighted. Nothing wrong at all: Tanya is very professional and takes the time to learn about your health problems and pain and know exactly what you are looking for in the massage. The place is surrounded by nature, the massage room is warm and very clean, the massage table very comfortable. The deep tissue massage allowed me to forget all my hiking aches and it alleviated some joint pains. Tanya is very kind and very sweet, what a perfect moment. We recommend Tanya’s massage service without hesitation and we hope to enjoy it again another time.

Virginie, “Michael H”, France (Tripadvisor)

Finally, a real massage. Tanya was able to meet my needs. Her powerful and deep massage is of high quality! To be booked again! Thank you! Virginie

Philippe Fossé, France (Google)

Tanya is very professional, with precise massage movements. The massage was perfect; both soft and firm, just the right amount. It allowed me to relax completely and come out feeling peaceful.

Claude, “Cl Bl”, France (Google)

Always great. A very good time.

Miguel Montero, France (Facebook)

Very satisfied, very good welcome, absolutely should do.

Odile Broquet, France (Google)

Wonderful Tanya and her fairy hands, I recommend ++

Benjamine Girolami, France (Google)

Great massage.

Christel Mostacci, France (Google)

A very nice introduction, a great massage. The place was conducive to relaxation. Only positive things to say. We hope to come back very soon.

Nathalie Doumonc, France (Google and Tripadvisor, “Nathalie D”)

First experience which will be repeated. A personalized welcome and massage. Peace and quiet preserved at all times. Two hours of cocooning and relaxation, massage as deep or as gentle as I wanted. I recommend it. And I'll book with Tanya really soon. Nathalie

Thierry Mostacci, France (Google)

Great massage, I’ll go back as soon as possible.

Anne Rodruigez, “Anne R”, France (Tripadvisor)

Excellent massage. A warm and caring welcome and a professional attentive to our needs. Deep tissue massage adapted to your preferences providing perfect relaxation.

Judith Saidani, “Judith S”, France (Tripadvisor)

Recommended. Very professional and caring, this massage is a pure moment of happiness. Also, Tanya is more than accommodating when it comes to making an appointment. We came away invigorated. Thanks, Tanya.

Thai massage

François Olive, France (Google and Facebook)

I tried out Thai massage with Tanya, which I highly recommend because of her professionalism and her investment on the human level. The setting is sublime and has been decorated for relaxation and serenity. Ambient music transports you through Tanya's expert and caring practice. The massage is practiced with love and respect for the person; all the ingredients come together for a journey into body wellness. A big thank you! François

I tried out the Thai massage and I emphasize the approach of Tanya in her care, which is very professional and committed. All this in a pleasant environment both inside and outside. Regular Thai massage is a source of well-being and joint relaxation in respect of mobility. As an Osteopath, I recommend it.

Vincent Brousset, France (Google)

I had a Thai massage to ease my aches after four days of skiing and I came out completely relieved. Very good massage, I highly recommend it!

Karine Martin, France (Google)

Thank you, Tanya, for this wonderful massage moment!! I wanted to discover Tanya's speciality, Thai massage! Two hours of pure happiness!! I highly recommend Hibiscus Massage to all massage enthusiasts for Tanya's true professionalism, her talent and passion for massage, her human qualities and her beautiful smile!! Personally, I'm going back in two weeks!!

Amélie Zert, France (Google)

Don't hesitate to experience the expert hands of Tanya, and be amazed by the Thai massage! Thank you for this great time and for your kind and warm welcome!

Bastien Massias, France (Google)

Thanks to Hibiscus Massage for this moment of relaxation in an idyllic setting. The Thai massage was perfectly done, I already know that I will come back!

Vanessa Humbert / Lemaire, France (Google and Tripadvisor)

Thai massage 1h30, excellent massage. This was the first time I’d had a Thai massage, and I highly recommend it. It was very enjoyable and very effective. Thank you, Tanya, for having untied all my knots.

Second massage! This was my second 90-minute Thai massage. It was perfect. Excellent massage practitioner. All my tensions, especially in the neck area, are gone. A great moment of relaxation in a very pleasant room. I highly recommend 🙂

Sonia, “sotournier”, France (Tripadvisor)

Very good Thai massage. Tanya is very caring, sensitive, professional. A perfect moment of pure happiness. I highly recommend this place.

Julien, “Ju G”, France (Google)

Tanya is very professional and attentive. The Thai massage is of high quality. An excellent moment of relaxation in a magnificent setting with a view of the beautiful mountains 🙂

Swedish massage

Morgan Laumain, France (Google)

Person of incredible kindness !! Massage practitioner genuinely attentive to her clients and also very, very gifted! She works with respect for the body and the whole person!! There's no hesitation, I highly recommend her!

Thierry Kremser, « bilbouille57 », Luxembourg (Tripadvisor)

Excellent massage. Tanya is a real pro, a personalized massage, an exceptional touch. One of the best if not the best massage I have ever received.

Elodie Pla, France (Google)

I chose a Swedish massage of 1h30 and it was just perfect. Tanya is very professional and at the same time very sweet, she really listens. I will be very happy to come back. Thank you, Tanya, for your kindness and care.

Nathalie Antiq, “Sylvain Antiq”, France (Google)

Tanya is very caring and attentive to your needs. Very pleasant tailor-made massage. Thank you for this moment of enjoyment and great relaxation! Nathalie Antiq

Muriel, “santellim2020”, France (Tripadvisor)

Relaxation guaranteed. Tanya warmly welcomes you in a zen atmosphere, very professional and attentive. A pure moment of well-being, total disconnection. Thank you very much Tanya.

Alice Pau, France (Google)

A Swedish massage adapted for my pregnancy, it was exceptional, and I left feeling calmed and eased, my baby really enjoyed it. Thank you very much, Tanya.

Audrey, “Audrey141284”, France (Tripadvisor)

Recommendation. Thank you for this relaxing time, for your kindness, your service and your expertise. Very satisfied.

Mailys Chebbah, France (Google)

Tanya is very welcoming and smiley. The room is quiet, zen, with soft lighting and music. Very relaxing massage taking into account your wishes and any medical problems. Very good value for money. Booking by email very fast. We highly recommend!

Soizic Ropars, France (Google)

So good! I immediately felt at ease. The massage, a pure wonder. Thank you very much for your kindness. See you soon, Soizic

Heidi, “Chambre d’hôtes La Mexicaine”, France (Google)

Very good massage! Recommended!

Camille Boniface, France (Google)

Welcoming and very sweet woman, I felt comfortable from the start, had a wonderful time and a very good experience 🙂 I’d come back ... Thank you!

Hot stone massage

Valérie, “Valerie B”, France (Tripadvisor)

An appointment for well-being. Thanks to Tanya, for this exceptional moment of well-being. 1h30 deep massage with hot stones, a real letting go that relieved my neck and my painful lower back. The setting is very pleasant, and Tanya is very professional, listening well to her patient, me 😉 The softness in her personality gives way to controlled and firm massage strokes when necessary.

Sabrina, “Sabrina C”, France (Google and Tripadvisor)

Tanya, thank you very much for this pure moment of well-being. I had 1h30 of deep tissue massage with hot stones, and the stones really felt wonderful. The place, the quality of the massage, your professionalism, and your focus allowed me to enjoy letting go for a little while. Highly recommended.

Pierre-Philippe, “ppj78330”, France (Google)

I booked a one-hour deep tissue massage with hot stones. First, Tanya really listened to my requests. The massage released muscular tension and was adapted when more or less pressure was needed. She offers either a whole-body massage or can spend more time working on your painful or tense areas. Second, I was well received in a beautiful, clean, warm and soothing space. Third, the heated massage table was pure bliss. To conclude, it’s one hour of relaxation during which you escape, and after which you feel rested.

Isabelle Pigeard, France (Google)

Thank you, Tanya. I had 1h30 of pure relaxation and wellness. The best deep tissue massage with hot stones. Tanya's professionalism, the cleanliness, the warmth of the place and the result … everything was there. Highly recommend.

Lisa Point, France (Tripadvisor)

Unforgettable. A bubble of well-being! Hot stone massage: the best massage I’ve tried in my whole life! Tanya is of rare and precious professionalism, listening and energy. Highly recommend! Enjoy this moment ...

Renaud, “L’Ubaye Citoyenne”, France (Google)

A 1h30 deep tissue hot stone massage for me. Hard not to fall asleep! Tanya's precise and very professional techniques are reassuring. The place is very nice with zen atmospheric music, a well heated room and a very comfortable table. This is great, of course, but it’s not only that ... Finally, a real massage true to the rules of the art, which contrasts with all those uninteresting wellbeing massages which are prevalent in the beauty salons. To recommend, use, and abuse!

Christiane Cancellieri, France (Facebook)

An hour and a half of delight!! That’s a real massage! You come out in great shape! I was so relaxed I almost fell asleep! I highly recommend it. Reasonable prices, and Tanya is a lovely person.

Clémence Guerra, France (Google and Tripadvisor “clguerra22”)

A pure moment of relaxation, after an hour of hot stone massage I was free of tension. Thank you, Tanya, for your warm welcome and your kindness. See you soon!


A pure moment of relaxation. Warm welcome, very gentle and attentive to my preferences. Relaxation was there after a 1-hour hot stone massage. I recommend it!

Pamela Jouarie-Flack, France (Facebook)

It was my very first professional massage experience. I was quickly given confidence thanks to clear, calm explanations of the different stages of the massage. The atmosphere is very calm and soothing. Everything is done to make you feel comfortable: glass of water, bowl to put personal belongings such as rings or earrings, relaxing music, and a warm and welcoming room. It was a great experience that I highly recommend and that I intend to repeat.

My second hot stone massage session was just as pleasant as the first. I was really suffering around the shoulder blades and the deep massage managed to release a lot of knots. A real relief. And besides, I got a Celtic music playlist. Pure happiness!

Régine Girod Cochini, France (Facebook and Tripadvisor)

Super hot stone massage. A fantastic 1.5-hour experience. Don't hesitate, it's really worth it! An experience that left only good memories. I can't wait to go back!

A great moment. Another fantastic hot stone massage! Thank you so much, Tanya, for this wonderful time. You have real talent!

Célia Calendini, France (Google)

For our second experience at Tanya's place we chose the hot stone massage. She explained the massage process to us perfectly, asked us about our preferences and was very professional and welcoming. Respects privacy as much as possible, makes every effort to respect barrier gestures (disinfection, hand washing, time between different clients). Very relaxing massage thanks to Tanya and the atmosphere (music, closed curtains, heated table ...). We recommend and will come back without hesitation! Thanks Tanya!

Sylvain Durand, France (Facebook)

Great massage session with hot stones; the first time ever for me. Very soothing atmosphere with soft music, candles, heated massage table, in a room where everything was well thought out. Tanya's very professional approach includes a small questionnaire and discussion at the beginning and check in during the session to adapt the massage if needed. No complaints, except that I didn’t want the session to end. I recommend without hesitation.

Klytë Longeron, France (Google and Tripadvisor)

Professional and perfect hot stone massage. I chose a hot stone massage for my appointment with Tanya. I have had professional massages before - Thai, Chinese and Swedish, but had never experienced a hot stone massage. Tanya is very professional - she checks for medical issues and personal preferences and really made me feel comfortable during the whole appointment. The massage was marvelous - I could feel the mixture of perfect pressure and hot stones melting away the stress and really penetrating into muscles and ironing out the knots. I definitely recommend Tanya and I will be returning as soon as I can!

Carine Fleur, France (Google)

Wow! Excellent! The hot stone massage was wonderful. Very professional with good explanations. Very nice place.

Sylvain Bayle, France (Facebook)

Very good experience, soothing and pleasant in a very professional setting!

Florence Blanc Granoux, France (Facebook)

First time I had a massage. Tanya explained the process very well. A great massage! I came out relaxed! Absolutely will go again!

Léa Guerra, France (Google and Tripadvisor « Léa G »)

Very warm welcome, Tanya is very gentle and attentive. The hot stone massage is amazing. Great moment of relaxation. I recommend.

Lava shells massage

Anne-Marie Souazé, France (Facebook)

An exceptional time in the expert hands of Tanya in an idyllic setting in the middle of the mountains. The lava shells massage is pure joy and brings relaxation and soothing to the body and mind. Tanya really listens and adapts the massage to provide the best possible care. In addition, she is very responsive and available when making an appointment. It was a lovely meeting with a beautiful person. Thank you 🙏

Momo Krum, France (Facebook)

The massage with shells is recommended ... Tanya is a true professional ... the massage room and the environment are delightful.

All types of massage – United Kingdom

Pamela, United Kingdom (Google – Natural Balance Therapies)

I’ve been receiving Thai massage with Tanya for back pain, stiffness in my joints and hip, and general flexibility / mobility. From the very first session I felt recharged and a general feeling of wellness. At each session there’s a small, sustained improvement in mobility / flexibility, which shows the treatment is having the effect I always hoped it would. Thai massage has energized me. I’ve previously tried physio (many sessions), massage, deep tissue massage and Watsu [aquatic massage]. Although each of these separate treatments gave some relief, it was not sustained. Tanya is professional, caring and ensures each treatment is individually adapted to suit the body condition.

Claire, United Kingdom (Google – Natural Balance Therapies)

I've seen Tanya numerous times, for Thai, hot stone, and lava shells massages. Tanya really knows what she’s doing. She’s trained with the best and it shows [ … ] I always feel I’m getting a treatment specially tailored to me. I’ll definitely be coming back. 

Jeanna, United Kingdom (Google – Natural Balance Therapies)

I love to see Tanya for a two hour Thai massage because having the extra time means she’s able to give my body a complete overhaul. Each time I go I always feel really energized and I’m certain this has improved my overall energy levels. Tanya clearly has a great deal of passion and experience and works carefully and intuitively so the work is not painful to receive as Thai massage is often reported to be. I now try to see her monthly to keep everything working and my energy levels up.

Russell, United Kingdom (Google – Natural Balance Therapies)

I had a Thai massage with Tanya recently. I run, cycle, box and swim on a regular basis and the only thing that can resolve my problem areas such as neck, shoulders, upper back, etc. is either structural and deep tissue bodywork with a chosen few therapists, and Thai massage. Tanya's skill is first rate, she has a very wide use of techniques that incorporates everything you would expect from traditional Thai yoga massage (which she’s learnt from the great masters in Thailand, the source). What I love is her integration of even more structural moves plus osteopathic mobilization and harmonics. This combination of fluid moves has a very profound and potent positive effect on the body. Her ability to use her intuition to feel how your body responds is no doubt linked to her training from blind practitioners who work purely on touch and feel, blending gentle rocking, re-aligning, and of course pressure work and stretching, etc. A move she did on my neck and my shoulders has introduced newfound range of movement allowing me to sleep better. Enough head scratching; go and try a massage with her and you’ll no doubt be an immediate convert. As a seasoned sportsman and remedial massage therapist I need a powerful and nurturing monthly treatment and this is it. Tanya is such a lovely gal, no doubt she can take care of little old ladies as well as lumpy fellas like me...LOL (the best two hours you'll ever spend, wonderful!).

Angela, United Kingdom (Google – Natural Balance Therapies)

Absolutely love going to see Tanya for deep tissue massage. She’s very good. I recommend her to anyone. Can't wait for my next visit. I generally go there [ … ] to help me unwind. 

Tina, United Kingdom (Google – Natural Balance Therapies)

My daughter kindly organized a hot lava shell treatment for me by Tanya. I’ve had many massages, but this was superb. Tanya is caring, professional and expert in her approach. I had a 90-minute massage and I’m still feeling the benefits today – over two weeks after the treatment. I would like to recommend Tanya and this treatment to everyone who is interested in this type of massage. Excellent! Thank you so much Tanya. I shall be back. 

RS, United Kingdom (Google – Natural Balance Therapies)

I really enjoy Thai massage and find it very relaxing. Tanya is very good at understanding my needs and working with my body to get the desired effect – thank you Tanya!

Tim, United Kingdom (Google – Natural Balance Therapies)

I had my second Thai massage with Tanya yesterday. I’m writing here to recommend this to anybody. Tanya’s an absolute professional and has a relaxed confidence which helps you to feel immediately relaxed before she's even started! For any tension or stiffness, even stuff you don't realize is there, Tanya's technique is perfect. Find two hours and do yourself a favor and get on down. Cheers, Tanya.

Paul, United Kingdom (Google – Natural Balance Therapies)

Tanya has given me deep tissue, Swedish and Thai massage. Tanya’s expertise is unquestionable. She’s professional and friendly and enjoys her work. She gears the treatments to my needs, listens carefully, gives appropriate advice and applies the right pressure and techniques. [ … ] Tanya continuously updates her skills and knowledge. I always leave feeling great after a massage. I’d highly recommend her.

AR, United Kingdom (Google – Natural Balance Therapies)

I had a two-hour Thai massage with Tanya last Saturday. As usual it was absolutely fantastic. I work in construction, which can be very heavy work at times. I went in there feeling really knotted up and achy. Tanya is a true professional and seems to have great understanding of how your body works. It's a bit like a combination of massage, physio and yoga and resulted in me leaving there feeling relaxed and pain free. Thank you, Tanya. It's worth every penny! 

Natalie, United Kingdom (Google)

The hot lava shell massage I received from Tanya was not only relaxing but warming and calming at the same time. Tanya asked me if I had any medical issues to consider and took these into consideration during the massage. She was professional and always checked the heat was at a comfortable level for the different areas of my body. Tanya used the different sized shells for deep muscle work and spent more time on areas that really needed it. I found this treatment to be much more thorough than a regular massage; the constant warmth from the shells made it a much more relaxing and enjoyable experience. I’d thoroughly recommend Tanya for this treatment.

Kerri, United Kingdom (Google – Natural Balance Therapies)

Over the years I’ve had very positive experiences receiving Swedish, Thai and deep tissue massage from Tanya and consider her to be absolutely the best! Tanya is excellent at adapting the treatment to suit my needs, she listens very carefully to how I’m feeling and what I’d like from the massage. The prime purpose of my visits is relaxation. [ … ] I love Thai massage as it helps my flexibility and muscle tension and I leave feeling very relaxed [ … ]; it’s the best possible experience.

Fabien, France (Google)

I didn’t know what to expect from my first hot lava shell massage, but it was great. The heat and smooth shells felt good and my muscle tension was relieved, particularly in my neck, back and legs. It was really relaxing. Tanya has given me Thai massage before, too, which I find beneficial for dealing with ongoing neck stiffness.