Thai massage

Pamela, Brighton, UK

I’ve been receiving Thai massage with Tanya for back pain, stiffness in my joints and hip, and general flexibility / mobility. From the very first session I felt recharged and a general feeling of wellness. At each session there’s a small, sustained improvement in mobility / flexibility, which shows the treatment is having the effect I always hoped it would. Thai massage has energized me. I’ve previously tried physio (many sessions), massage, deep tissue massage and Watsu [aquatic massage]. Although each of these separate treatments gave some relief, it was not sustained. Tanya is professional, caring and ensures each treatment is individually adapted to suit the body condition.

Jeanna, Lewes, UK

I love to see Tanya for a two hour Thai massage because having the extra time means she’s able to give my body a complete overhaul. Each time I go I always feel really energized and I’m certain this has improved my overall energy levels. Tanya clearly has a great deal of passion and experience and works carefully and intuitively so the work is not painful to receive as Thai massage is often reported to be. I now try to see her monthly to keep everything working and my energy levels up.

Russell, Hove, UK

I had a Thai massage with Tanya recently. I run, cycle, box and swim on a regular basis and the only thing that can resolve my problem areas such as neck, shoulders, upper back, etc. is either structural and deep tissue bodywork with a chosen few therapists, and Thai massage. Tanya's skill is first rate, she has a very wide use of techniques that incorporates everything you would expect from traditional Thai yoga massage (which she’s learnt from the great masters in Thailand, the source). What I love is her integration of even more structural moves plus osteopathic mobilization and harmonics. This combination of fluid moves has a very profound and potent positive effect on the body. Her ability to use her intuition to feel how your body responds is no doubt linked to her training from blind practitioners who work purely on touch and feel, blending gentle rocking, re-aligning, and of course pressure work and stretching, etc. A move she did on my neck and my shoulders has introduced newfound range of movement allowing me to sleep better. Enough head scratching; go and try a massage with her and you’ll no doubt be an immediate convert. As a seasoned sportsman and remedial massage therapist I need a powerful and nurturing monthly treatment and this is it. Tanya is such a lovely gal, no doubt she can take care of little old ladies as well as lumpy fellas like me...LOL (the best two hours you'll ever spend, wonderful!).

RS, Hove, UK

I really enjoy Thai massage and find it very relaxing. Tanya is very good at understanding my needs and working with my body to get the desired effect – thank you Tanya!

Anon, Hove, UK

I had my second Thai massage with Tanya yesterday. I’m writing here to recommend this to anybody. Tanya’s an absolute professional and has a relaxed confidence which helps you to feel immediately relaxed before she's even started! For any tension or stiffness, even stuff you don't realize is there, Tanya's technique is perfect. Find two hours and do yourself a favor and get on down. Cheers, Tanya.

AR, Brighton, UK

I had a two-hour Thai massage with Tanya last Saturday. As usual it was absolutely fantastic. I work in construction, which can be very heavy work at times. I went in there feeling really knotted up and achy. Tanya is a true professional and seems to have great understanding of how your body works. It's a bit like a combination of massage, physio and yoga and resulted in me leaving there feeling relaxed and pain free. Thank you Tanya. It's worth every penny! 

Other types of massage

Claire, Hove, UK

I've seen Tanya numerous times, for Thai, hot stone, and lava shells massages. Tanya really knows what she’s doing. She’s trained with the best and it shows [ … ] I always feel I’m getting a treatment specially tailored to me. I’ll definitely be coming back. 

Angela, Hove, UK

Absolutely love going to see Tanya for deep tissue massage. She’s very good. I recommend her to anyone. Can't wait for my next visit. I generally go there [ … ] to help me unwind. 

Paul, West Sussex, UK

Tanya has given me deep tissue, Swedish and Thai massage. Tanya’s expertise is unquestionable. She’s professional and friendly and enjoys her work. She gears the treatments to my needs, listens carefully, gives appropriate advice and applies the right pressure and techniques. [ … ] Tanya continuously updates her skills and knowledge. I always leave feeling great after a massage. I’d highly recommend her.

Tina, West Sussex, UK

My daughter kindly organized a hot lava shell treatment for me by Tanya. I’ve had many massages but this was superb. Tanya is caring, professional and expert in her approach. I had a 90-minute massage and I’m still feeling the benefits today – over two weeks after the treatment. I would like to recommend Tanya and this treatment to everyone who is interested in this type of massage. Excellent! Thank you so much Tanya. I shall be back. 

Kerri, West Sussex, UK

Over the years I’ve had very positive experiences receiving Swedish, Thai and deep tissue massage from Tanya and consider her to be absolutely the best! Tanya is excellent at adapting the treatment to suit my needs, she listens very carefully to how I’m feeling and what I’d like from the massage. The prime purpose of my visits is relaxation. [ … ] I love Thai massage as it helps my flexibility and muscle tension and I leave feeling very relaxed [ … ]; it’s the best possible experience.

Natalie, London, UK

The hot lava shell massage I received from Tanya was not only relaxing, but warming and calming at the same time. Tanya asked me if I had any medical issues to consider, and took these into consideration during the massage. She was professional and always checked the heat was at a comfortable level for the different areas of my body. Tanya used the different sized shells for deep muscle work and spent more time on areas that really needed it. I found this treatment to be much more thorough than a regular massage; the constant warmth from the shells made it a much more relaxing and enjoyable experience. I’d thoroughly recommend Tanya for this treatment.

Fabien, Lyon, France

I didn’t know what to expect from my first hot lava shell massage, but it was great. The heat and smooth shells felt good and my muscle tension was relieved, particularly in my neck, back and legs. It was really relaxing. Tanya has given me Thai massage before, too, which I find beneficial for dealing with ongoing neck stiffness.