Relaxing, rejuvenating, luxurious …
Beware, this massage can be addictive

1h – € 65    1h30 – € 85    2h – € 105

What is hot stone massage?

Hot stone massage feels absolutely luxurious and enables the body to receive deeper pressure than a similar massage without the heat. The combination of heated basalt stones, warm oil and long, soothing strokes melts away your stress. It’s done on a heated massage table using oil, and the body is draped with sheets for warmth and modesty.

Hot stone massage incorporates Swedish and deep tissue techniques with the added benefit of heated basalt stones. The heat penetrates the muscles, helping tension to melt away while the soothing massage calms the mind.

Care is taken to ensure the heat is appropriate before the hot stones are brought in contact with your skin.



Hot stone massage on back

Who benefits most from hot stone massage?

This type of massage is ideal for people who benefit from a deep massage but find the pressure a bit too intense. The heat from the stones makes it easier to receive deep pressure, so you’ll get the benefits of a deep massage while still feeling very comfortable.

It’s also great for those who prefer a lighter touch and just love the wonderful feeling of having hot stones glide over their skin. Hot stones boost the feeling of being cocooned and pampered.

A hot stone massage will revive your body and mind, and can be used for sports recuperation or Zen relaxation.

Hot stone massages are offered in the top spas and massage clinics and once you’ve tried one you’re likely to come back for more. Be aware that hot stone massage can become a sweet addiction!

Choose hot stone massage if you want to:

  • Have a spa-like experience
  • Relax tight muscles
  • Significantly reduce stress
  • Make it easier to receive deep pressure