Deep and slow…
Maintenance for active people who are always on the go

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What is deep tissue massage?

Deep tissue massage technique
Deep tissue massage is great for those who like firm pressure and who want to focus on releasing tight muscles and increasing range of motion – you’ll literally feel as if your body is being ironed out. It’s done on a heated massage table using oil, and the body is draped with sheets for warmth and modesty.

This massage is relatively slow paced and uses strong pressure if you require it. Firm, sweeping massage strokes are combined with deep tissue pressure work. Depending on your goals, stretches may be integrated into the session.

Care is taken to work within your comfort zone so the massage is both effective and relaxing to receive.



Therapist working on upper trapeziusWho benefits most from deep tissue massage?

This massage is recommended if you’ve overdone the mountain sports, gardening, DIY, manual labor, or if you’ve spent hours at the computer or driving.

This massage will help to get your body back to the way it should feel.

You can choose either a full-body massage or to focus mainly on your back, neck, shoulders and legs.

For long-term improvements in range of motion, multiple sessions are recommended.

Choose deep tissue massage if you want to:

  • Enjoy the feeling of being slowly ‘ironed out’
  • Receive deep pressure
  • Have a treatment that is 100% adapted to your needs
  • Choose whether you’d prefer a full-body treatment or to focus on back, neck, shoulders and legs