The classic wellbeing massage… Time to feel pampered

1h – € 60    1h30 – € 80    2h – € 100

What is Swedish massage?

Effleurage massage technique
Swedish massage combines long, fluid strokes, gentle stretches, kneading, pulling, finger pressure, and percussion. It’s done on a heated massage table using oil, and the body is draped with sheets for warmth and modesty.

This classic form of massage boosts circulation, eases muscle tension and calms the mind. It feels sublime to receive and it will definitely reduce your stress level.

You’ll feel deeply relaxed with a sense of inner balance and peace. You’ll be rejuvenated as your muscles relax, and mental stress is released.



Who benefits most from Swedish massage?

Swedish massage is wonderful if you like a gentle, flowing and rhythmic session.

Often overlooked in favor of more dynamic massages such as deep tissue or Thai massage, Swedish massage is still the ultimate massage for stress relief. It’s perfect for those who prefer lighter pressure.

Swedish massage promotes blood and lymphatic circulation, so it’s ideal for older clients and those recovering from illness.

Normally it’s a full-body massage, including hands, feet and face, but you can choose to adapt it if you want to.

Choose Swedish massage if you want to:

  • Relieve mental tension and stress
  • Give yourself some ‘time out’ from the pressures of daily life
  • Enjoy a gentle and flowing massage
  • Feel pampered