Feel both relaxed and energized… Prepare for a good stretch

1h30 – € 70    2h – € 90

What is Thai massage?

Person giving another thai massageRooted in the Eastern philosophy of yoga, Thai massage aims to restore the natural balance of your body.

Thai massage is Hibiscus Massage’s signature treatment, based on traditional Thai yoga massage (Nuad Boran) combined with the “osteo-thai” modern fusion techniques. You receive the massage while lying on a padded mat on the floor, wearing loose, comfortable clothing.

Thai massage involves acupressure and yoga-style stretches along various energy lines of the body, combined with gentle rocking movements to relax the muscles and increase the range of motion of the joints.

The pressure can be gentle or firm, without ever becoming painful thanks to the practitioner using a “listening touch”. Your body will never be pushed beyond its limits.

Thai massage involves many techniques so it can be easily adapted for all ages and body types.

Using hands, elbows, knees, legs and feet, the practitioner stretches your body in a similar way as a yoga session, hence the name “Thai yoga massage”.

In the West, Thai massage is jokingly called “yoga for lazy people” as you really do get the benefits of yoga without any of the effort. Just breathe!


Thai massage stretch

Who benefits most from Thai massage?

Thai massage is ideal if you have tight muscles and want to improve your flexibility and posture.

It’s great for manual laborers, sports people and those who work on a computer or drive a lot. Older clients will also benefit greatly from a gentle adaptation of this treatment, as it increases range of movement.

For long-term improvements in flexibility and posture, multiple sessions are recommended.

Please wear loose, comfortable clothing (ideally a long-sleeved top and a pair of long sports trousers).

Choose Thai massage if you want to:

  • Improve your flexibility and posture
  • Relax tight muscles
  • Have a massage in lots of different positions
  • Keep your clothes on for your massage
  • Have an oil-free massage
  • Feel the benefits of doing yoga without any effort